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trade block

By ktitusteam
1/31/2018 4:55 pm
willing to deal giants and jags 1st round for some corners that are good m2m and fast and can tackle and pass rushers fast a safety and a qb

Re: trade block

By DJSim22
1/31/2018 7:55 pm
Wish I had some CB's and DE's so I could get back in the 1st round. :)

Good luck!

Re: trade block

By botastiac
1/31/2018 8:10 pm
i do too... i have a few people i really want!

Re: trade block

By ktitusteam
2/01/2018 10:13 am
theres only two in this draft that really looked apealling i just dont think the guys i want will fall that far good luck to you im just hoping for some good free agents