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By DJSim22
9/13/2018 4:29 pm
Today we caught up with him DJSim22 to discuss this past season’s 7-9 campaign.

DJSim22 talked about it being a strange season. The team lost five games by one score, while winning five games by double digits. Despite a losing record, the team took 15-1 Cleveland to the last play in overtime before losing 25-22. The Colts also gave 13-3 Washington a rinfor their money losing 36-31.

Although the team was 4th in points against, it did gave up the 19th most yards and were second to last in the league in sacks. This was partly due to the whole defensive line missing time. A bend but don’t break style worked enough to keep the Colts in almost every game. The offense really struggled midseason and finished just 24th in yards gained.

The team again played well inside the division and split with division champs Jacksonville, and although the wins don’t show it, the Colts were much more competitive outside the division.

The Colts will have better draft position, will be letting go of a lot of veterans this off season, and will continue to remake the roster. Athletes are still what the Colts are short supply of. DJSim22 will be working to find some.

DJSim22 expects the team to be better next year, however Jacksonville will always be a team to reckon with. He also mentions the Texans as one of the up and coming teams. He stated how tough the games against the Titans were this year and that they are a real wildcard. I expect a more competitively balanced division next year.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
10/21/2018 7:15 pm
The Colts announce that they have traded former all-rookie defensive tackle Willie Kist to the San Diego Chargers for the Chargers 1st round pick in 1979 and veteran defense tackle Jack Vaughn. Kist has been a solid contributor, but has played through several injuries in the past few seasons. The Colts felt if there was much trade value left for Kist, they should strike now.

The draft pick will give the Colts 5 first round picks over the next three seasons helping remake the roster. The Chargers are a perennial playoff team, so the Colts are expecting the pick to be in the bottom third of the first round, which is where Kist had been selected. The team could also make moves on Ted Forward who at one point at 23 sacks in a season and starting left tackle Cash. With the first two games this year a complete mess, the team is looking to rebuild and retool the lineup.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
10/29/2018 9:44 am
The Colts announce they have traded veteran LT Scott Cash and veteran DE Ted Forward to the Titans for their 1st round pick and 1979 and two fourth round picks. This gives the Colts 3 1st round picks in 1979.

Cash is in his 8th season is just starting to show a bit of a decline although he should have several solid seasons left for the Titans. Forward burst onto the scene as a 5th round pick with 23 sacks. Unfortunately, the last few seasons he's been continually hurt and has been ineffective when on the field. A fresh start in Tennessee may get him back on track.

The Colts also announce they have won the waiver claim on veteran QB and possible Hall of Famer Jimmie Chow. Chow most likely will serve as the teams back up QB, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him get snaps or some starts if Barnes falters.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
2/04/2019 6:40 pm
The Indy Star recently spoke with GM DJSim about the current issues surrounding the Colts rebuild. DJSim was very candid and matter of fact about the state of the team, organization, roster, and the future.

DJSim believes the teardown of the roster is mainly complete. Sure, some players will not be retained and some could be traded, but the roster is in much better shape than a couple years ago. The age of the current roster is much younger while the majority of the vets are under one or two year contracts that are stop gaps if you will.

DJSim stated that when he came to the Colts he inherited an older average roster and do to league rules, he one of two choices: Win now or start an immediate rebuild. With a division struggling the Colts went for wins and came home with two division championships. With those in Sim's back pocket, a massive rebuild was in order. Breaux, Forward, Cash, and other top players were shipped out for future draft picks.

The time to finally recoup talent from those trades is here. The Colts own two of the top eight picks in this years draft. DJSim will either select two top players, or if another GM wants to give him more draft pick capital, he could move one of those picks down in the first round. Next year the Colts currently have FOUR first round picks.

DJSim has stated the end of the season has been spent starting from scratch with the scouting department. DJ has been very unhappy with selecting players especially in the area's of the offensive and defensive lines as well as at wide receiver where the team has really lacked much play making.

A bit of heat is now on head coach Stanton Johnson to mold this roster into a winner. Johnson was a great offensive coordinator in San Diego, but as the Colts main man, the offense has gone downhill. Offensive Coordinator Rick Reed is on the hot seat with Johnson and DJSim and will need to find an offensive game plan to suite this team. Defensive Coordinator Howard Carpenter similarly needs to improve his side of the ball as a once proud defense has fallen towards the bottom of the league. Sim understands the lack of play makers on the roster and that it has contributed to the coaches struggles. That said, he's not been thrilled with game plans and the ability to coach players up.

Johnson spoke specifically about a handful of players he is excited about in the future. Last years draft was a deeper draft and Johnson thinks they've found the QB of the future in either 4th round pick Kenneth Bonilla or 6th round pick Mark Pool. Bonilla had one horrific start last year when Johnson lost his patience with Armand Meadows and Jonathan Cortez his veteran stop gap QBs. Despite that start and Pool going 0-1 on the season, he believes these not ready for prime time players will be in the mix as soon as 1978 or 1979. Johnson was also excited about rookie LB David Martin as well as secondary swing men Sam Bailey and Matthew Jamison who have been moved around to try and fill holes. An above average secondary has been depleted by a few trades and age, Bailey and Jamison need help so they can fill a certain role.

With the playoffs apon us and the off season near the Colts currently have eight selections, including two of the top eight picks. They also have up to 71 million in cap space if they decide they are ready to wade into the free agency wars they have been sitting out.

In the next few months we will see if the Colts make a big splash or a small ripple while looking to next season and four first round picks to make a big push.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
4/28/2019 12:25 pm
The Colts have been very tight lipped about their future this off season.

Perhaps that's because they have so many options. With 8 draft picks, 7 in the first four rounds, 4 in the first round, the draft could go several ways. A source in the organization states that if any trade is made, it would likely be moving a first round pick for a lower first round pick and an extra selection or two. Although the team would certainly consider offers for any one of their QB's. With 47 players signed before free agency, there will be more competitions for roster spots especially considering the players leaving the organization this off season were all backups.

The Colts should have about 61 million dollars heading into the free agency and draft. GM DJSim has been reluctant to sign a top player in free agency as the players often don't seem to be worth the money thrown around. DJSim generally has made lower level signings after the top guys are gone. With disappointing season mounting, does he change is MO this off season?

The Colts have made a few shrewd low level trades and improve the team as well as a couple good waiver claims that have really improved the back end of the roster. Last year's draft really gave the team a shot of young talent especially on the defensive side of the ball. The organization is really excited to add much more talent this off season.

One issue DJSim has addressed, is a change in philosophy coming on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive has been anemic far too often the past couple seasons. Part of that is QB play, part of it is a game plan that isn't working. The defense went through a similar move during the past season with improved results.

One thing is for certain, the Colts will be a player this off season regardless of what they decide to do.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
5/07/2019 10:32 am
All is quiet on draft eve in Indy. GM DJSim22 has been busy working the phones for a potential move up or move down in the first round. So far, no offers have been accepted. The Colts now likely will keep both the 5th and 6th picks in the draft unless a late deal arises.

Re: Indy Star

By DJSim22
8/13/2019 2:24 pm
The Colts are now 0-2 and could just as easily be 2-0. Too many turnovers and dropped passes have doomed the offense. The team now faces Tennessee in an almost must win game for both teams. Both 0-2, but the Colts are also 0-1 in the division. It's going to be an interesting week in Indianapolis...