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Setherick's Special Teams Depth Chart Settings

By Beercloud
1/17/2018 12:51 pm
Special Teams Depth Chart Setting

By setherick
8/14/2017 11:56 pm
I've been kicking this idea around, and I haven't had time to write it out. I've been seeing a lot of complaints about Special Teams, specifically how overpowered the Kick Return game, so I wanted to share some notes about what I've been doing.

First, I don't think the return game is overpowered at all. The return game in 0.3.x was way overpowered in that you could stick anyone with 100 SP, AC, and Break Tackle back there to return Punts and get 10-12 PR TDs a season. It was silly and most people hated it. It also taught most of us how to successfully defend the PR game, which is why so many of us are not having the same problems defending the KR game now.

Anyway, this is just a guide so take it as you will.

The Depth Chart

There are two parts to understanding how to set up your SPT. The first is understanding how to set up your Depth Chart. Here's the ONE RULE you should remember. NEVER use the auto set features to set up your Gunners, Blockers, or Rushers.

Gunner – Your gunners need to be fast with good tackle. Here's where the auto set features will screw you. Speed really means the fastest player at the lightest weight in this spot. Auto set will drop all your 100 SP DEs as your Gunner 1. This is silly.

What you need to do instead is take everyone off the depth chart spot for Gunners, and then add all of your DBs and LBs only. Then once everyone is added arrange how you want them arranged. I usually go with overall potential on top.

Blockers – Blockers here refers to the blockers for FG and XP. More on that below. These should have STR and Pass Block. Same strategy as above. Take everyone off and add in your OL, TE, and FB. You need the weight here to block well.

Rushers – Same strategy as above. You need Speed, Strength, and Pass Rush here. So take everyone off and add in your DL and LBs. If you have some 100 SP, 100 pass rush DBs make note of them and use them judiciously in your overrides as edge rushers on Punts or behind the DL on FG and XP.


Overrides are where you can really make a difference in SPT play. And this is the one place in the game where overrides MUST BE used.

The game has a bad design flaw right now that causes all of the blockers for PR and KR to be Gunners. This is not just utterly ridiculous, it will hurt your return game a lot.

PR Overrides – If you override no other position on PR, you need to override your wing blockers who line up over the Gunners. Find players that have good Speed, Strength, and Run Block to do so. I typically use WRs, TEs, or FBs. RBs would also work. Use other overrides as you see fit.

KR Overrides – For KR, you basically need to override everyone. For the wedge, I typically use TEs or FBs so I can get a good combination of Speed, Strength, Run Block and physical weight. Remember that physical weight is tied to strength. For the front line, I use whoever has the best run block. I've tried both WRs and RBs up front and OL up front as long as the OL are fast.

I hope this helps with SPT play some.